It’s been a while…..

Yum Yum has not been blogging for some time, for a number of reasons, however, our book continues to be popular.

We constantly hear of Australian children, both big and small, not knowing where their food and fibre comes from and the Yum Yum team are always looking for opportunities and channels to get the message out there.

In doing so, we are educating Australian children, we are promoting Australia’s amazing produce and products, and, we are promoting Australian farmers.

Yum Yum is not our living. We are self-funded, self-published and self-marketing. We promote Yum Yum … Where Does It Come From? because we believe in the message it contains and because we are proud to be Australian farmers.

If you know of anyone or anywhere who would be interested in obtaining /using our book, then please help us in our education process. We would be delighted to hear from you.

On a different note, yesterday was International Rural Women’s Day and I felt inspired by the many interesting stories I heard on the radio whilst driving.
Well done and congratulations to all our rural women….a mighty bunch indeed.

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